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7 best ideas to make money online

7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online In 2020.

In this topic I will teach you top 10 earning websites

Idea of earning passive income from the websites

The earing from the online website requires you to invest your time on the internet. But before you start we recommend you must get the training in a specific course which you want to learn. These types of course consist minimum 45 to 60 days. After completing this course you will be able to work online and earn a passive income from the internet.

Where you get the course?

The online earing course are available on the internet on different website for example,, and many other tutorial websites.

The course may be available in shape of video, audio and pictures. Just you type the specific course on the or you will sea the lot of result. For example a student want to learn the digital medial marketing skill so he type the following keyword on the Google or

Following are the top 10 best website to make money online.

  2. Google Blogger
  4. Facebook
  5. Admob
  7. (7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online) is a popular website in the world where buyer and seller meet to buy and sell their services. In the platform the seller have a many skills , and Fivver manage in categories in these skills the seller offer skills for example graphics designing to make a image, logos, video and animation. You can work for someone who don’t have these skills and pick up some passive income.

You can offer a compile web research for someone for fast cash. You probably aren’t going to get rich quickly by taking on these jobs. This website is Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur, and its name comes from the fact that many people work at start for $5 to $10 per task.

2- Blogger

(7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online) is a largest world wide website for online earning. There are two way to create your blog .

  • Free blogger

Google provide free subdomain to the user on The user create an account on it with Gmail id . Blogger made blogging a thing you do on the internet back in the day, and still appeals to people looking to publish their words on the open web rather than Closed social media websites.

People share their passion on the blogger and generate a passive income on the internet. On the Google blogger the content should not be copyright, the Google system review your content if any content found copyright then your post may be rejected and you should face problem to get the approval from Adson.

To increase you income from Google blogger you can link your Youtube videos on your blogger. And increase your views, followers by share your social media page on your blogger.

  • Paid blogger (WordPress)

The 2nd way to earn creates a blogger on your own website by purchase a domain and hosting from a domain company for example Godady, Bluhosting and Google.

After your purchase a domain and hosting a design a good blogger website on it and start a blogging to share your passion. There are many website are using paid domain and hosting and now they are earning a passive income in a monthly by writing high quality content. For example ,, .  

If you have a good knowledge of any kind of filed you can teach the student online by videos, audios and images. There a are lot of ideas to earn from online by teaching the student, you can reviews the product and post a content on your blogger, you can find the problem and write a good solution on it on your blog for its your revenue will be double.

Writing continuously posting for 6 , and minimum you should  2-3 post in a week. Be sure write a high quality of content and use SEO of your post. I recommend you to use the Rank Math SEO plug in to rank your post.

The eligibility Criteria of Blogger

  • Write high quality contents
  • Optimize blog post with meta tags
  • Have sufficient contents or posts
  • The domain must old at least six month
  • Minimum a post consist 1,000 words.


(7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online) is a largest world wide social medial platform for video sharing. Here advertiser promote and rank their videos by paid some money to the Youtube company. The Youtube boost their content on different video in the start for a few second.

You can make money online by create channel on When your channel have maximum views the Youtube automatically approved your channel and will run the ad on your videos. Following are eligibility criteria for  channel.

  • Your channel have minimum 1,000 subscriber.
  • The whole channel watch time is 4,000 hrs.
  • No copyright content uploaded.

To get approval from YouTube in a 3-4 month you should use the original content on your channel. Use the impressive thumbnail on your videos. Use the effective title with hash tag. Write a more than 50 words in description on your video. Use maximum tag in your videos. Please download the Tuberankjet software for SEO. It will boost your content. Use the high CPC keyword in your content.

4- (7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online)  is another social media platform for sharing video, audio and images all over the internet. About 2.7 billion people are using Facebook. There are many way to earn money on it. For example Creating a Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Playing the games on Facebook.

You can earn by creating a Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have Facebook Business page please visit now How to create Facebook Business Page.  After creating your page please read first read the  eligibility criteria  for Facebook Page monetization. Hear there are two way to monetize your Facebook Page. One Facebook In-Streem Ad the 2nd is Facebook Brand Collabs Manager.

5- Google Admob (7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online)

Now the more then 1 billion user are using Google Play store to use the different kind of apps. If you have an experience in android app development you should create ad space in your apps and upload on Google Play Store. Choose where you want  ads to appear when you add the ad unit on your apps. You can earn passive income by publishing the app in only $25 on play store.

It is only one time signup fee on Google Play Store. You can add the industrial ad on your app . Your monthly revenue will increase with publishing the number of apps. For more detail about Admob please visit now Google

6- (7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online) is a largest world wide e-commerce website. By using this site you can earn a passive income. Signup on and reviews the amazon product and get a reward. 

You can start affiliated marketing program sale the amazon product. Choose the small rate of product and add them into your Facebook page and in your websites.  The visitors visit your Facebook Page or your website if he interested in you product he drop the comments on it and he can post the order. If visitor purchase a item the Amazon transfer 5% to  10% commission to your account.

7- (7 Best Ideas To Make Money Online) is the famous e-commerce website in which the seller or developer develop a desired plugin for the buyer. Th seller upload the code or script on this website and write the all features about that code. The buyer get the live demo of the desired plugin or apps then he order to the seller.

CodeCanyon is the leading marketplace for selling premium WordPress plugins. The marketplace gross over $70,000,000 since 2009, processed 2.3 million sales of WordPress plugins and has growing community 7.8 million members.

When you will learn above 7 best ideas to make money online, your earning will be approximately $200 to $300 per month. 

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