Best Clinical Lab Management System

In this article I will review about  best Clinical Labe Management Software. Its first version was developed in Dec-2020. After user experience we modify and update it according to user requirements.

GSS Clinical Labe Management Software was developed in Visual Basic. Net 2015 and back end database is Microsoft Access. Its is a light software there is no need to have heavy computer or laptop.

For its reporting we integrate Sap Crystal Report. Its all support are available at sap website you can download and install it easily.

System Requirements.

  1. Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 And Windows 10.
  2. Minimum system core-2 duo 3.0gh processor. With minimum 2GB of Ram.

Features :

1.    Patient Profile :

  • Patient ID with barcode
  • Patient Name
  • Address
  • Mobile No.
  • Contact No.
  • Email ID.
  • Gender
  • Blood Group
  • Payment Detail
  • In and out Date Time

2.     Appointment Book

  • Patient integrated with appointment
  • Date time
  • Test assign

3.     Test Group Profile

  • Group ID
  • Group Name (i.e Hematology)

4.     Test Profile

  • Test ID
  • Test Description
  • Test Unit
  • low range and high range.
  • Cost per test
  • Search Test

5.     Doctor Profile

  • Doctor ID
  • Doctor Name
  • Designation
  • Commission setup (in %)

6.     Perform Test

  • Test ID
  • Lab No.
  • Appointment info
  • Report Date with time
  • Patient info
  • Refer by (Doctor or other)
  • Test result entry
  • Search Record

7.     User Profile

  • Add new user
  • Change user password
  • User role management