Best money making app in 2021

You can earn money form the different apps but to we will discuss a legend money making app. Snack video app is best for money making at home without any investment. It is easy to use and genuine earning source of income.

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Furthermore we will discuss in this tutorial how you can earn money form Snack video, what is Snack video, how we can use it and different way to earn money from it.

Snack video app are create for using background music, film, scene, film dubbing dialog, TV show and dramas. You can upload short video on snack video, watch and downloads. There is different way to earn money from Snack video. We will discuss all earning method in this article.

  1. Snack video history
  2. How to download and install Snack video app
  3. How to sign up on Snack video app
  4. How to use viral hash tag in your video on Snack video
  5. How earn money fast on Snack video
  6. How to withdraw money form snack video app
best money making app

1. Snack Video History:

Snack video developed by Beijing Kuaishou Technology co. Ltd and its found name is Kuaihou. Snack video is the 2nd popular video sharing app. In the Tiktok video app people are earning indirect by making promotional videos of different brands. But in Snack video app user are directly earning.

Snack video app is use for short video , live story and status to achieve the core mission. It hase 4.4 star and 100 million plus user are using this app.

2. How to download and install Snack video app

Snack video is earlier platform for user upload short video , stories and watch status and short stories and earn money. Its size has 54.79 MIB it available on Google Play Store. Following are the simple step to download Snack video app.

Step 01. Open you Google Play Store

Step 02. Enter Snack Video App in search bar and tap the search button in the right side.

Step03. Click on install it will take a minute.

snack video app

App Permission

snack video app

3. How to sign up on Snack video app

After the successful download and installation of snack video now you need signup on it or create new account on once.

Open your Snack video app

Tap on profile icon in the right corner side

Choose the sign up way you can sign with following four method

  1. Signup With Facebook Account
  2. Signup With Phone (Mobile Number)
  3. Signup with Google (Gmail account)
  4. Signup with line

Choose one of the above methods it will automatically create your account and take your personal data from the Facebook or Google.

signup snack video app
signup snack video app

4. How to use viral hash tag in your video on Snack video

To make a video viral on the Snack video apps you must use the quality hash tag in your status and video. With hash tag your video can’t go viral and you will not popular on Snack video. You can’t generate a good earning or revenue from it until you don’t use the good quality tags and videos.

In this article I will tell you some useful hash tags which make a video viral. You must choose tags according to your category.

hash tags

5. How Can Earn Money Fast On Snack Video

Most of the Pakistani and other Asia country people search on Google about making money online with different keyword research. Here are some keyword are follow.

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Google Search

People search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and other search engine way of online earning. People search different keyword with different countries.

So Snack video app is one of the online earning ways at home. This app will solve your all financial problem and you will be able to earn a good amount at home. This app is helping the students to generate their education fee, college and university expense. Students will be in depending.

 In some other apps you bound to invest some money for making money online but in Snack video you don’t need to invest money. You can start with zero investment.

So here is some method to earn money at home from snack video app.

  1. Invite friends and earn money from Snack video App

The first method to earn money from the Snack video app is invite friends via share link. You can share the app link to the friends via Whatsapp , Messenger , by phone messaging or other social media. Once your any friends install Snack video app with you link the Snack video give you Rs. 200. This earning only one friend you can make daily Rs.2000 by invitation.

Invite more friends and make more money Snack video app is money making app it will change your life style. Don’t miss this.

  1. Watch Videos And Earn Money From Snack Video App (Best Money Making App)

Snack video app is one of the money making app you can earn money at home simply watching the video on Snap app. Follow the people on Snack video app to make more money. People also follow you, make more follower and earn more.

You will be paid for watching every video on Snack app. earning of coins is the main source of earning on it. Watching of two videos continuously give you 1 coin in 15 here is question how many coins convert to money. The 50 coins equal to Rs.0.01.

The more people you meet and follow, the more money will come into your account. You can make good money by spending only two hours daily on it by invitation friends, following people and watch videos. Approximately your monthly will be Rs.25, 000 to 30,000.  

  1. Earn Money From Brand Promoting

The third method to earn money from the Snack video app is brand promotion. When your follower will reach in millions. You can contact the branding companies to promote their products and services. They will give you a lot of money.

make money from app
make money from app
make money from app

Withdraw Method || Best Money Making App

Followings these simple steps for withdraw mount from Snack video.

  1. Go to profile setting
  2. Click on payment withdraw.
  3. Enter the account number i.e Jazz cash or easy paisa account.
  4. Minimum amount withdraw is 25-1200.
  5. You can withdraw one payment in a day.
  6. After receiving the verification code on your mobile number put the code in the app.
  7. Click on the coin option.
  8. Now see the coin which automatically convert into money.