9 Best Point to Get 4000 Hours Watch time on YouTube

Get 4000 Hours Watch time on YouTube to grow your channel fast. YouTube is the only one social media platform which user and creators uploads their passion and earns a handsome amount. Once a user has created channel on YouTube then he can’t start earning until he comply the following two YouTube criteria.

  • 4000 hours public watch time (On YouTube)
  • Minimum 1,000 Subscriber


After Completions the above illegibility criteria the YouTube community review creator content and complete channel , in this process he ensure that any content not be copyright. In case of copyright content are exist in user channel he can’t approved which type of channel.

Furthermore before start channel on YouTube please fist read carefully the YouTube Partner monetization term and policy.

I research more than 3 month on YouTube and other useful website how to get 4000 Hours Watch Time on YouTube within two month. Then I decided to write a post about to get 4000 Hours watch time on YouTube for the new users.

So following are the 9 main point which help your to grow your YouTube channel zero to hero. I ensure you if you could follow these 9 key points your channel must grow within 2-3 month. And never will need to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

1. Channel SEO

The first key point is channel SEO. Once you create a channel on YouTube it is very important write the long description about your Channel. For example if your channel about to animation, movies, dramas, TV show, animation, education or other niche. Use the free keyword planner search the keyword about your channel.

Use the free keyword planner tool to search the low competition keyword with high CPC.

Here are some free tools which help you to find the exact keyword about your channel.

get 4000 hours watch time

2 Unique Content

The 2nd key point to get 4000 hours watch time on YouTube is unique content. It is primary feature. Create a unique content. I recommended you before make your content you should research a keyword related on  your video which you will upload.

For its use the keyword planner tool to find the good quality keyword and try search long tail keyword with low competition.  And also include the all suggested keyword which you search on YouTube search and Google.

3. Visual and voice

To create the quality content and the audience attention use the good video camera and mice .  Remove the irrelevant scene from your video edit it in good video software editor like Studio HD, Corel video studio, Fillmore and AVS video editor.

4. Video Thumbnail

The first impression is the last impression so create the attractive thumbnail for your video. The user put the first impression on your video then he start watching. If your thumbnail is attractive then you can get the maximum views. Also see the YouTube video analysis report which user comes from thumbnail.

So create the attractive video thumbnail use Corel draw or Photoshop create a good thumbnail.

5. Video Title and Description

The 3rd key point to get the 4000 watch time on YouTube is video title and description. After creating the video write the login keyword in the video title. To make attractive video title you should include the one positive or negative work, one is numeric,

  • How To
  • Top
  • Best
  • Good
  • Well
  • 2021
  • Top 10

Title example:

Suppose I make video about a earning way so my video title will be “5 Best App for Online Earning || By Programming Hub” or “5 Best app for online earning”.

Video Description writes the long description about your video in video description. Be sure your description should start with your title. And include the following point in your video description

  • All keyword which you have search
  • Include social media link in description like (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and other)
  • Include the internal video link in your description.
  • Include the link of your blog or website.

6. Create Playlist

Play list is important to attract the user and get the user retention. Create your multiple playlist with all categories. Suppose my channel about learn programming so I will create the following category like PHP Course, Python Course or Tutorial, C#, C++, HTML CSS, VB.Net and much more. Divide your content into the categories. If a user watch your video the YouTube will show him all the videos which include in your playlist. The next video in a playlist automatically will run. And your watch time will automatically grow.

7. Video Tags

The 5th key point to get 4000 watch time on YouTube is video tag its very important while you upload your video on YouTube include the title in your first tag. And include all other tags which you search from keyword planner.

A good tag can increase your audience. Only one tag can get the 4000 hours watch time. So choose you the right tags carefully and work hard on it.

8 End Screen Video

To get 4000 hours watch time and get the more views on your video include the previous video in your current video as end screen card. You audience can easily reach. And your channel will grow.

9. Share Your Post on Social Media

To get 4000 hours watch time on YouTube share your post on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. First you create Facebook business page increase your followers. the maximum follower give the maximum views.

Post your YouTube video on the Facebook groups. Share you post on social media when your audience are live.