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how to make money online in 2021

How Can I Earn Money Online 2021?

Now a days every person try to earn some extra money which he pay some extra bill and manage home expenses and simply looking to replace your current job. Whatever your reason. In earning online online there are different way to earn money at home .

Due to to Covid-19 the world wide economy has been down. And mostly companies are going to losses and its effect on daily wages and middle class people. They are mostly un employment. Now they are searching a job which cover their daily home expenses.

Making money online some scammer website and apps publisher are doing fake method and illegal actives for increase their websites visitors. So how to save these website which are fake and how to know which website are paid seriously pay to you. So lets in this session I will tell some legal and legend earning websites like Google, , , and which pay highly in US$ .

Below you find the more than 10 way to make money online which actually work. Some of these creating own website or blogger. But you will also find the method to built audiences netwrok.  

1. Make Money With Website And Blogger.

How Can I Earn Money Online

In this method there are two way to you can earn money online . First is you must have your own website the 2nd is by signing up on

  • Website

In this method you must have your own domain. You can purchase a domain from domain seller companies i.e, , and After purchasing your  domain install the WordPress. If your don’t know how to install WordPress on your domain vistit this now. 

In WordPress blogger site you must crate minimum 6 pages. And these  six page are follow

  1. Home Page
  2. Service
  3. Blog
  4. About
  5. Contact Us
  6. Privacy Policy Page.

After developing your blog site in WordPress. You write minimum two post in  a week. To write a good articles you must choose the keyword of your articles. Use the keyword planner tools to choose the good keyword which have high search volume , low competition and high CTR (Click Transfer Rate).

Google Adsens Approval Policy for Web site blogger.

For Adsens approval your site must have:-

  1. Your domain age must have six month old.
  2. Minimum articles in your blog have 15.
  3. Each articles have 1000 to 1500 word.
  4. Your content should good SEO.
  5. No use copy write content
  • Google Blogger

The 2nd way of earning online is Google blogger. In this method google provide free blogger to use of your gmail account.

How I Can Earn Online Money

If you don’t have google account your can create now by click here.

Once you create you google account go to to nine grid icon in the top you will see the all google app click on blogger icon. 

How Can I Earn Money Online

Step 02. Bloger page will open click on Create Your Blog.

Step 03. Choose your google  account .

How Can I Earn Money Online

Step 04. Enter the name your blog which you want .

Step 05. Select the theme from the theme collection.

Step 06. Create your minimum 6 pages in your blog.

Step 07. Write your first post by click in the left side on new post.


How Can I Earn Money Online

2- Earn Money From Youtube

The 3rd way is to earn money online by using Youtube is Google Prduct. Create your channel on youtube you must have google account. Setup YouTube channel with your name and enter your active mobile number get verified. After verified your account now you can publish your videos on you channel.

You should upload your video according to youtube policy. Use your original content, it should not be copy write. Use the youtube keyword planner to choose best keyword. For youtube adsens apprval your channel must have 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time. After completing this then your channel going to review and adsens will check your content is valid then adsen will approve and will publish ads on your videos. So you can earn extram money.

3- Earn Money Online From FaceBook Page

The 3rd way to earn money online is Facebook Page. Create your page on Facebook choose your page category i.e arts, video, education, hobbies or what so ever. 

There are three method earn money from Facebook page.  But before start if you don’t have fb page please read this now how to create business page on Facebook. The main three Facebook earning method are follow.

  1. In-Stream Ad

  2. Brand Collapse manager

  3. Instant Articles

  • In-Stream Ad

In this method your Facebook page must qualified the following criteria

>>   10,000 Page followers.

>>   30,000 mint watch time for videos

>>   15,000 post engagement

After your page qualified the Facebook review your content and approved this within a week.

  • Brand Collabs manager

In this method your Facebook page must qualified the following criteria

>>   1,000 Page followers.

>>   15,000 post engagements


180,000 minutes viewed


30,000 1-minute views of 3-minute videos in the last 60 days

  • Instant Articles

In this method your Facebook page must qualified the following criteria

>>   You must have a blogger website.

>>   Minimum 10 articles with good quality. Each article should have 800 to 1,000 words.

>>   15,000 post engagement

4- Earn Money from Digital Media Marketing

Today the digital media marketing demand is increasing day by day. Every business want to sell their products and services through social media. i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram and twitter. Before starting this method of earning your should have good grip and well knowledge about social medical marketing. You can learn online free course about digital media marketing.

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