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How To Choose Best Career

How To Choose The Right Career In 2021

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There was time when any student future plans revolved around becoming a doctor, a pilot or an engineer. Thee few disciplines were thought to be the only fields that could offer rewarding careers in terms of both respect and money. Resultant, students were unaware of other opportunities that could, perhaps, have been more advantageous.

Today, life has become, more dynamic and innovative. Gone are the days when the medical and engineering fields were  the only available choices. Now a whole words of non-traditional careers, from it, electronic media and web networking to online business portals and fashions designing, are available for young people.

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However, there still remains the questions of choosing the right profession. Unfortunately, for most of us the right career early means a profession that guarantees a profitable  livelihood, but considerations like interest in the job and mental satisfaction should also be given importance.


The scope of any field in terms of market demand should also be considered very seriously. We cannot practically deny the significance of hiring trends, for example, a decade ago when computer science professional were in demand, masses of MCS (MASTER OF COMPUTER  SCIENCE )  students flooded the market with extremely disappointing results.

Career counselors are generally well informed about such trends. They can play aa key role in  guiding the youth toward  a rewarding profession.  This highlights the importance of a full time career level. The job of this deportments should be to determine the personalities of students, to do serve and analyze their interest and to suggest suitable careers according to their aptitude. Most of the parents and students find them selves in a fix when deciding on a career. Parents are un aware of market trends. Educational terms and the scope of any particular discipline. Similarly 14-15 year old students are  not immature enough to make such life changing decisions. So it is widely felt that career counseling must be promoted from school level.

 fields has been selected, the next step is to enter that particular field, which degrees, certifications, courses and subject should be open for ? a students should also consult successfully students and professionals of that particular field.

Following is a brief introduction to various career choices. This is the out come of a survey conducted among senior student and professions to know the mot suitable pathway for their selected field.

Chartered accountancy (ca), undoubtedly one of the toughest and most highly paid professions, may be started directly after the completion of the intermediate or equaling education. However, according to experts, twelfth grade with business subjects like accountancy, business statistics, commercial geography etc. are the best route to a ca degree asit helps build concepts. The business studies and i.t information technology  field also confuse young minds with a wide range of sub disciplines. MBA master of business administration, MBIT master in business and information technology, msc.IT (MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ) and msc. (master of computer science ) should ideally be followed by (bachelor of commerce) BBA (BACHLER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION). BBIT (BACHERLOR OF BUSINESSAND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND ) BCS (BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE).

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The engineering field has also been introduced to new are like biomedical engineering. A great opportunity in agriculture discipline has also been developed for pre-engineering students.

Mass communication is certainly one of the fastest emerging industries in the world. This field I highly rewording in terms of both respect and money. Unlike other discipline, mass communication does not requires particular line of study, you may join this filed after competing you BA, BCOM OR BSC, ETC. Fashion and designing have how emerged as  separate industry. A number of universities are offering degree programmer and diplomas in fashion designing.

O before deciding on any career, make sure that you do not earn only money from your career but also mentally peace and satisfaction. It is the only way to lead hassle free professional life.