How To Install PHP in Windows 11

Hi, everyone today I will teach you how to install PHP framework in your operation system. So first of all I want to describe you some important about this framework.

PHP framework is a open source framework which use to develop websites and web applications like CRM, POS Software, Social Medial Like Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Its help for those who want to develop their own web sites and web applications.. 

Who Can Learn PHP Framework?

To learn this framework, you must have the basic computer knowledge and basic web application knowledge. This framework is best for intermediate  students and also graduates.

For learning this its not necessary to have good knowledge about the other programming, like c ++, c# and Java.

I am starting the series of this course. This course will help your to learning from basic to advance.

Why We Use PHP Framework ?

PHP is a server side scripting language embedded in HTML. PHP is used to manage or create dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and even building e-commerce sites.

Download And Install Xampp Server

For learning PHP framework you must have or downlaod  and install Xampp Server in your computer or laptop. Download Xampp server from the official Apachi website. Following are  the  simple few steps to install the Xampp server in your windows operation system.

Step 01 : Open your download Xampp server .exe file which by default place in your download directory.

How To Install PHP in Windows 11

how to install php in windows 11

Step 02: Click on the next button.

how to install php in windows 11

Step 03: In this step all the services are listed in wizard and can check all and click on next button.

how to install xampp in windows

Step 04: In this step you can change the installation directory. By default it will be install on your C:\ driver you can change by click on brows button which place in the right side.

Step 05: After the installation run your Xampp server which will be in your desktop.

Step 06: Look at the below box and start the MySql and Apachi service.

start mysql server

Step 07: After starting the service open your favriot browser and type the following command in the address bar.


mysql localhost

The above screen is the main screen where you will create your database.

How To Install PHP in Windows 11 its not difficult it is easy to install step by step.

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