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After the title of document now you learn how to write paragraph in html document. In html a paragraph tag is use to write the paragraph in html document. A good paragraph is written with good formatting. For a good document writing in html we use the multiple tags in


We use the following element to make a attractive paragraph.

  1. b tag
  2. u tag
  3. strong tag
  4. Link

HTML Paragraph Tag

A paragraph tag is use in the body section. 


<p>This is my first tutorial about html paragraph tag. In this tutorial I will tech you how to format a paragraph tag with css style.</p>

Use Tag in HTML Paragraph

In html document <b> tag is use for bolt text


<p>This is my first tutorial about <b>HTML paragraph</b> tag. In this tutorial I will tech you how to formate a paragraph tag with css style.</p>

Use u Tag In HTML Paragraph

the <u> tag is use to underline the specific text in the paragraph.


<p>This is my <u>first tutorial</u> about <b>HTML paragraph</b> tag. In this tutorial I will tech you how to format a paragraph tag with css style.</p>

Use strong Tag In HTML Paragraph

The <strong> tag is use for important content in the html document.


 <strong>paragraph tag</strong>

Use Link in The Middle Of HTML Paragraph

In Html document the link is use for go the the external website and internal web page. When user click on this link he redirect the to other  site which link is include in the link.


<a href="">css style.</a>


The Output Is:

html paragraph tag


To make a attractive html document we use  CSS . In html document only html language not enough we make a good look its css. The syntax of css as follow.

Here we use the html tag in css.


<style type=”text/css”>
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
color: blue;


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