HTML Text Formatting

Use Text Formatting In HTML

In HTML the text formatting use to define the special meaning of text with html tag or elements. In HTML there are several element in html to define the meaning text.


this is bold text

this is italic text

HTML Formatting Elements

Following elements use to display the several types of special text.

  1. <b>-this is bold text
  2. <strong> -this is important text
  3. <i>-this is italic text
  4. <em>– Emphasized text
  5. <marks>-Marked text
  6. <small>-show smaller text
  7. <del>-deleted text
  8. <ins>-inserted text
  9. <sub>-Subscript text
  10. <sup>-Superscript text

Use Bold Element in HTML

1.<bold>this is bold text</bold.this is bold text
2.<i>this is italic text</i>this is italic text
3.<strong>this is strong text</strong>this is strong text
4.<em>this text is emphasized</em>This text is emphasized.
5.<small>this is smaller text</small>This is some smaller text.
6.<p>My favorite color is<del>blue</del>red</p>My favorite color is blue red.
7.<p>My favorite color is<ins>blue<insl>red</p>My favorite color is blue red.
8.<p>Don’t forget to learn<marks>HTML<marks>today.</p>Don’t forget to learn<marks  HTMLtoday.
9.<p>This is subscripted <sub>a2<sub>text.</p>This is a2text.
10.<p>This is superscripted<sup>a2<sup>text.</p>This is a2text.

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