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android emulator install

How To Install Android Emulator | 10 Best Android Emulator In 2021 (Windows, Mac And Linux)

What is Android Emulator ?

The Android Emulator is a Android Virtual Device which work as a real device. We use it in android studio for test and run our application. We can receive  messages and incoming calls through AVD. The Android Emulator perform all function as like our android mobile.

The android emulator receive high speed date from laptop or computer. We can easily transfer data from laptop to emulator its take less time as compare to real device through USB (Universal Serial Bus).


android emulator

Android emulator is easier and faster to run and launch the app when you run it through android studio.

System Requirement

To install and configure the android emulator for android studio so it take some additional requirement and these follow.

  1. Minimum SDK (Software Development Kit is 26.1 or higher.
  2. 64 bit Processor
  3. HAMX 6.2 OR higher

Firstly be sure you have installed android studio in your pc or laptop . If you don’t install android studio please read my previous article how to install android studio in windows or mac.

while installing android studio the android emulator install install that time you can install after install the android studio. Following are the simple step to install and configure android emulator.

Step 01 : Open  tool menu from top menu bar then select Android SDK Manager. You will see the following screen, that name is Virtual Device Configuration.

android emulator install

Step 02 : Select the 2nd tab SDK Tool from tab a list of all service and update are listed below.

Step 03 : Choose the Android Emulator Hypervisor for intel or AMD processor in the left side check on, then click apply. It will take some minute while installing it depend on your internet speed.

Step 04 : Open tool menu and select the AVD Manager. The Android Virtual Device wizard will open.

android emulator install

Step 05 : Choose the device which you want to install I reamend you select the Nexus 2 and click next.

android emulator install

Step 06 :Click on the system image tab and select the API level . Now the latest API level is 30. Choose any and then click download in the left side.

android emulator install

Step 07 : The SDK quick fix installation dialog will open accept the license and then click next.

android emulator install

Please wait until installation process will complete and download the required files from google server. It will take a while. When installation have complete then click on finish.

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