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Laravel 9 Auth Scaffolding Example

Hi, everyone today in this tutorial I will teach you how to install Laravel 9 auth scaffolding in your Laravel 9 project. Let’s discuss about Lravel 9 Bootstrap scaffolding. 

If you have a question about installing Lravel 9 Bootstrap 5 auth, then i will give you a simple example about this installation. So Auth is very importtant for in every project which y our built for your client.

In laravel 9 there are many different way to install authentication  with many framework for example React JS, VUe js , Bootstrap and many more.

But today we will cover only basic Bootstrap auth and it is every to understand and install.

In Laravel UI Packages are use to authentication. Laravel UI provide the following authentication features.

  1. User Login

  2. User Registration

  3. User Email verification

  4. Password reset 

For install the Laravel 9 auth scaffolding you must follow thiese simple and easy stemps


2. After createing your fresh  Laravel project 

Laravel 9 Install

  1. Open your terminal and run the this command
composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

Install Laravel UI

2. Open your terminal and run following command to install Bootstrap UI.

composer require laravel/ui




Install Bootstrap Package

Next, you have to install the laravel UI package command for creating auth scaffolding using bootstrap 5. so let’s run the bellow command:

php aritsan ui bootstrap   --auth

After this installation your will see this effect in your app/http/controller/auth directory.


laravel bootstrap auth controller

Install Node JS Package

To install the node js package in your laravel project you run following command

npm install


Run npm run dev

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