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Reset Windows 10 Password

Reset Windows 10 Password Command Prompt | Easy Step

In order to correct word for Windows 10 with command prompt, you can just control User/Local account password . Administrator word can’t be restored that means. Here, we can tell when the structure is available and when it is locked.

What you need to do is plug the reset disk into your computer ‘s disc drive after your failed to login.

The CMD program is by default install in every version of windows , Windows 98, Widnows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 8.1 And later Windows 10. your can use the cmd by different purpose. You can use the CMD by bootable USB .

Reset Windows 10 password never your used this force Promt earlier ? Get started with these simple instruction for Common job 7 Common Task that Widdows control Promt does Quick & simple . Your can remove the virus from your USB Flash drive by using CMD without using any third party software or any other tools.

Reset Windows 10 Password by CMD Trick

To reset the windows  10 password follow these easy steps.

step 1 : Inset the bookable resent  Windows 10  DVD or USB flash drive in pc or laptop restart the computer and enter the boot menu in bios select the boot device USB or DVD.

step 2: Press Shift+ F10 open the cmd.

Reset Windows 10 Password

Change the utilman.exe with cmd.exe. Before your can this, and make the copy of utilman.exe so that you can restore it later.

step 3 : After replacing the Utilman.exe now you can remove the flash drive or DVD from your computer or laptop. And reboot the pc.

step 4: On the login screen click on the utilman icon

step 5: We replaced the Utilman .exe and don’t worry if any error appear. Now you can add the new user in cmd. And login the new user which you created.

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