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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 | Best Overview

SQL Server is a Structure Query Language. It use to create and manage the database so it called the database engine. It released in 1988 by Microsoft Corporation and Sybase . It basic developed for OS/2 platform. But after in 1998 it 2nd version developed SQL Server for NT platform.

Componant Of Sql Server

Sql Server have many components each component play important role in database connectivity. These are use to server side and some in client side. These are follow

  • Service Broker
  • Replication
  • Sql Server Browser
  • Notification
  • Full Text Search

Sql server have the following components.

  • Database Engine
  • Integrating Service
  • Analyse Service
  • Reporting Service


  1. Database Engine : This component provide to store tables, queries, procedure and secure data on the server. It allow to create table, queries, module, process and manage all database  object. The database engine provide the following services.

(a) Service Broker:  It provide support connectivity and sync the data between client and the server. The client send the request to the server for a task to proceed the data and  the broker proceed this request when server available.

(b) Replication: It transfer  the data and database object server to other. The server locate the remote location to proceed the data by connecting the internet to the client pc.

(c) Full Text Search:  It allow to the user to search full text in the table or query from the database. He search a keyword or phrase of word it is fast search.

(d) Notification Service : This service allow to the server to send the notification to the client side when a specific task have completed or alert the user.

        2. Integration Service : This service are use to collect the data from the database server for analyse and  generate the required report by used the database object query or tables.

     3. Analyse Service : It is use to analyse the data from data warehouse  on the server for the information.

4. Reporting Service : Is is use to generated the customization reporting by using the database . It is a set of tools this service creating and managing the report by different formate.


MS Sql Server Integrating With .Net Framework

The .Net framework is provide the environment to build, deploy and execute the application . The .Net framework is wide to integrate the database with sql server . the .Net have various service to manage the connectivity with sql server. These are follow

  1. Development Tools. It is use to create or developer the business application for the multiple platform. It is use to develop the windows form, web application, console application , mobile apps and Linux app. The include the Visual Studio , Visual c # and Asp.Net. Visual Studio have the following languages.

(a): VB.Net

(b): Visual c#

(c): Visual c ++

(d): Asp .Net (web development)

(e): Visual F#

(f) : Sql Server

(g) : JavaScript

(h) : Unity Engine (Game Developemnt)

(i) : Python (web and desktop application Developemnt)

         2. Base Class Library: The .Net provide to create the custom class libray in Visual Studio and Visual c#. to use these costume library you can build you own control for your project.

        3. Common Language Runtime: It is a most important component in .Net framework.  It provide the automatic memory management it allocate and de-allocated the memory to the application. It provide to the user some common type system data.It provide to the user many programming language to develop the business applications.

Features Of Sql Server 2017:

There are number of feature in SQL Server some of these follow

  1. Easy installation .
  2. It provide secure data.
  3. Multiple user role management system.
  4. It accept the windows authentication with login.
  5. Integration with multiple programming lnguages i.e visual studio.Net, Visaul c# Asp.Net, Visual c ++, vb 6, Python and much more.
  6. Multi user can work on single database with LAN AND WAN.
  7. It support the cross platform Windows, Linux, and IOS.
  8. Automatic database  tuning.
  9. Database backup
  10. It provide GUI to create an object in database.
  11. Remotely connectivity
  12. Web service support.


SQL Statement

To creating the object in SQL Server it provide to the user and developer to create table and query by using sql statement. Following are the main three category of sql statement.

  1. Data Definition Language (DDL) : It use to define database data type in tables. It have following components.
  • To Create: It is use to create new database table or query and relationship between the tables and query.
  • To Alter: It is use to modify or update the database object.
  • To Drop: It is use to drop or delete the object from database

     2. Data Manipulation Language (DML): It is use to insert the record in database object . It have following components.

  • Insert: Insert statement is use to add the record in exiting database table.
  • Update: It is use to modify or update the existing table record in the database.  
  • Delete: It is use to delete the record from the database tables.

       3. Data Control Language (DCL): It is use to assign and allocate the permission to the users. It have following components

  • Grant: It is use to assign the permission to the user to perform a specific task and role.
  • Revoke: It is use to deny the permission of some database object to the user. The user cann’t access the specific object.
  • Data Query Language: It is use to select statement to get the specific column from one table or more tables. 

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