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Programming Languages

Top 10 Programming Languages | You Must Learn In 2020.

What Are Programming Languages?

There are many computer languages to develop software ,designing websites ,write exploit and use for scripting. The software developer develop the application software , system software and utilities software by using computer languages.

  • Application software: Is a program that developer develop for end user example of these software are MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access , media player, format factory, video editing software, web browser , games,adobe photo shop, coreldraw, SQL server, MYSql, peach tree, telly, financial account , POS, school managemen system, hospital erp, employee payroll system and much more.
  • System Software:Is that software to run the computer hardware. There software control the computer hardware if any problem accrue in system hardware they prompt and alert the user. Example of these software Windows, Linux, DOS, Parrot OS , Apple OS, BIOS, UEFI .
  • Utilities Software: Is that software to use to support the computer example backup software, compression software i.e win zip , win rar, cryptography, debugger, partition manager,debugger and antivirus to improve the performance of system.

Importance Of Programming Languages.

You should learn and choose that language which you have deeply interest learn beginner to advance step by step you can become a good programmer and software developer by spending time daily average 2 hrs continuously 6 month. After completing 6 month course in any programming languages you can easily apply for job for software developer at a good packages .

If you have not interest in job you will write your own script and sale these script online website i.e,,, and much other sites, by using your skills you become a good freelancer . You can work at home without any investment.

Top 10 programming languages :

  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Visual Studio.Net
  • ASP.Net
  • Swift


Python developed in the 1990 by Guido Van Rossum for side language python is a interpreter language nobody has thought that it will popular in a day. Now python is a most popular language it used in every department and industries for analysis and data science and many other purpose.

It will increase the ranking industries and trends. Why you should learn python following are the major reason.

  • Python using by Web Developing (Django & Flask)
  • Data Science ( Data Analysis , and Data Visualisation )
  • Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligent)
  • Graphics user Interface (GUI Using Tkinter, Embedded Application,Gaming, and DevOps Tools)
  • Education
  • Ethical Hacking (Write Exploit)
  • Network Programming
  • Database Access
Programming Languages
Programming Languages

All the social medial website like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and much more others are developed in python for getting the useful information data science, data analysis . Google search engine and data sharing like drop box also developed in Python


Java is a object programming languages developed in 1991 by Sun Microsystems and Games Gosling. Java syntax is slimier to c#. It is a object oriented languages and support the multi threading programs.

Java is installed in JVS (Java Virtual Machine) which support low level operating system for developer the can easily be installed on it any low configuration system , JVM use to garbage collection and Object life cycle.

After developing four year in 1995 Java first version 1.0 have release.. In 2010 its hired by Oracle company. The Oracle company has release the different version time to time i.e jre (Java Runtime Environment) and jdk (Java Development Kit).

SQL (Structure Query Language)

SQL is database programming languages it is use to back end of other computer languages. Main features of this database.

  • Create a new table
  • Insert a record in table
  • Retrieve Record from database
  • Create views
  • Create and store procedure
  • Execute query for modify or delete the record
  • Update multiple record at once
  • Set the permission on table , views and procedure
  • User base permission access manage multi user


Hypertext Markup Language a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve the font , color, style, graphics and hyperlink effect on world wide web pages. Tag use to define html page layout style and element on page. HTML Page Sample Synatax:

<!DOCTYPE html>








The first line <!DOCTYPE html> means that this web page is wriiten in html5. Proper html page consist these tag <html>,<head>,<title> and <body>.The extension of this file .html. We reffer all the css and jquery link in middle of <head> and <body> tag. The page title meta tag and descripton are written between <head> and <body> tag. HTML is a fundamental computer language use to create the web application.

The dynamic site using other languages like php and Django. These are server side scripting .

CSS Cascading Style Sheet is use to format html and CSS is combination of good web page, because in html we cannot format , style, font , table style etc so we developer must use css for creating the formating classes in css and import in html web page by link. Follow is the css example file wihich link in html web page.

<link href=”../css/bootstrap.min.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Programming Languages
Programming Languages

In the above pics the high lighted two lines is a CSS files. The CSS syntax start with { and end with }Following pics is the example of css file.

Pgrogramming Languages
Pgrogramming Languages

In the above pics example of CSS class table.dataTable use to format data table in html web page.Some developer crate the CSS class in direct html page and some create separate .css fle and linked in HTML page.


PHP stand for Personal Home Page it is a scripting and interpreter language it is especial develop for dynamic web site. Its primary use for Linux server. The PHP page are embedded with a web page along with html. PHP respond the server side script and Javascript control the authentication on client side. Its syntax is


echo “<script>alert(‘Successfully Saved’); 


By using the PHP Scripting language you can built a web base application software, file sharing and hosting system, social media application like Facebook, Instagramm and twitter.

A HTML page consist on PHP script is given file .php. PHP is a free and open source program. Following are the key features of PHP

  • PHP language is a very simple and easy to learn and understand .
  • Easy to download and install
  • Not required much higher speed processes ,RAM and Hard Disk storage.
  • PHP is a faster programming languages
  • Every platform sported i.e Windows, linux, Mac and Ubanto.
  • It is a interpreter programming languages.


JavaScript is another object oriented computer programming languages that use to interactive the web browser.Java Script developed Brendan Erich in Netscape in 1995 for coding in web pages with logical operator to control the client side mistake and limitation.

Its purpose is mainly develop for client side browser control.Java Script mostly develop for client side validation control. Java Script is use to create a customer function in html page.


C# developed by Microsoft Corporation its. Net framework in starter later it has approved by ECMA-334 C# generaly develop for OOPS base programming language.

c# is one of the popular programming language which design for CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) .The first version introduce in Visual Studio 2002 and .Net Framework is 1.0.

Programming Languages
Programming Language

The file extension of c# script is .cs which is appear in the right side of solution explore in picture. You can develop the GUI (Graphics User Interface) application by using the Visual Studio any version. And develop the gaming script by using the game engine like Unity 3D.

Programming Languages
Programming Languages

Visual Basic .Net

The Visual Basic .Net was introduce in 2002 by Microsoft with .Net 1.0 Framework. It use to develop the desktop application with built in control or elements. Developer drag and drop the control on win form and design the attractive interface. The elements setting provide the left side in property i.t name , caption . id, color, pics, font, padding ,enable , disable and much more by using select the value without used code method.

Microsoft release the Visual Studio. NEt version in 2017 code version is 15.0 with .Net Version 4.6.

The developer can built the custom classes and module .

VB.NET FEATURES (Programming Languages)

It is Object Oriented Language Like c++

GUI tools available to design the forms.

Automatically syntax close and error handling and .xml file generating.

Easy to install and learn no need any configuration

Part of .Net framework.

It produces efficient programs.

It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms..


ASP .Net is a part of visual studio .

Key Features Of ASP.Net

  • Built in configure in VS.Net
  • Light weight with high performance
  • Cross platform
  • Provide Multi environment and development mode
  • Asynchronous via async/await
  • Unified MVC & Web API frameworks.
  • Easilty import libraries like bootstrap

Swift Programming Languages:

Swift is a powerful programming language its use in MAC OS , IOS ,  iPad OS, Watch OS , Linux OS And TV OS. Swift developed by Apple for general purpose. it is a cross multiple paradigm programming language.

Swift is powerful language with 3 major functionality Array, Set, Dictionary describe in collection type.

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