HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language which is use to create and develop for web pages and web sites.

Version History Of HTML

The first version release of HTML1 in 1993, 2nd version of HTML2 release in  1995, 3rd version of HTML 43 release in 1997, 4th version of HTML release  in 1997 and HTML5 release in 2014 and its now running.

Uses And Features of HTML

Following are the some core features of HTML.

  • HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML use for web pages and developing different web site
  • HTML can use  with other Programming languages like CSS, Java script, PHP and Laravel.
  • HTML defined the structure of web pages.
  • HTML consist the series of elements.
  • In HTML use tags to creating the web pges.
  • HTML tags tell the browser how the web pages actual look.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<H1>What is HTML?</H1>
<P>What is HTML? HTML Hyper Text Markup Language use to creating the web pages and developing dynamic site with PHP framework. Html version history and features</P>



Output Page


Example Explain | What is HTML?

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>: Define this pages is a HTML5 document or file.
  2. <html>: This is root or tag of html web page.
  3. <head>: This element define the meta  description and other file link like css and jquery.
  4. <title>: This tag show the title the web page.
  5. <body>: This  element or tag is use to display the heading, paragraph, images, links and tables.
  6. <h1>: This tag use to write the large 1st heding.
  7. <p>: This tag use to write the paragraph.

To creating the html pages I recommended to you before starting please download code editor. I use Sublime Text editor and VS Code Editor these are the best for coding.
Download Link: Click here to download Sublime Text Editor
Download Link : Click here to download VS Code Editor

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